Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

joema1 wrote:

RS_RS wrote:

...The mirror and prism are a different matter. It is an inherently clumsy system that has been refined to become workable, a bit like the steam railway engine, and any such system is vulnerable to replacement when something better comes along.

A more accurate analogy might be an automotive piston engine. They are inherently clumsy, have many moving parts, and create lots of vibration. However they are extremely refined, building on a century of R&D and manufacturing advances. There are other engine designs which have far fewer parts, produce less vibration, and theoretically should be cheaper to manufacture. But they must overcome the huge lead in development refinement of piston engines, and the economies of scale in manufacturing them.

Also while full-frame mirrorless cameras are being further developed, full-frame DSLRs will not be standing still. It's true refinement of electro-mechanical aspects of DSLR development are more constrained than non-mechanical mirrorless equivalents. However the purely electronic (sensor, CPU, algorithms, autofocus) aspects of DSLRs are not constrained and will continue to progress. So the mirrorless full-frame competitors face a moving target.

Automotive induction systems are another good analogy. Electronic Fuel Injection has replaced the mechanical carburetor. Also try to recall when was the last time you had to manually crank open/close a car window!

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