Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

The equilvalent focus length for K3 is 75mm here. It is not surprising to find the difference in AWB and exposure comparing to D610 and 6D due to different field view and DOF. A more unbias comparision should be using 35mm in K3 vs 50mm in D610 and 6D if you are more concerning about those automatical stuffs.

Here is my thought: What bother you in the photos are in fact minor issues  (which comes from one "biased" test). K3/D610/6D all are good cameras. In some situations/functionality, K3 will apparently win and in some situation, D610/6D will surely some advantage (eg: 2/3-1 stop better low light ISO sensitivity).  Anyway, you can have amazing pictures for either of the three cameras and will not be wrong to choose any of them.

Just my 2 cents

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