The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: The Philosophy of Nikon Df

eastvillager wrote:

Why would you want a DF if you have a D800E? To collect cameras? At the price of the DF it's not exactly the kind of camera you buy on a whim. The D800 are solid beasts with the wonderful Nikon IQ.

sgoldswo wrote:

tissunique wrote:

Eastvillager, I agree. I've heard it said that the DF is a D4 at half the price. What absolute nonsense. And so untrue. In fact the DF is more expensive than the D4 and I'll explain why:
It lacks several features. It is not a 'pro' camera in the strict sense. It doesn't offer video. It's way smaller and of far lesser build quality. It is far less capable. It is far slower. And I could go on. When you add up all the minuses it's actually way more expensive than a D4 and just about every other full-frame camera out there. That's how silly it is. Now if it was 40% cheaper I would buy one but why should I when there's the D800 and D610 available from Nikon - both offering much more.

But what if I don't care about continuous shooting speed, don't want video, want a smaller full frame camera and the build is far better than my D600 (it is) and virtually on a par with my D800E (it is)?

Because i use them for different purposes? Because the D800E is good, but not great at higher ISOs? Because a lot of the time I want to use a smaller, lighter camera that has a good range of lenses. Put it this way, the D800E sucks for street and candid shooting.

If you think I'm a "camera collector"  (whatever that is) take a look at the flickr feed in my footer. You'll see I use all the cameras I own regularly. For posterity, here's one with the D800E:

and here's one with the Df.

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