Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Is your photography better with FF?

I thought about that too.   I bought a lot of new gear this spring, including D800e, and upgraded several lenses to new versions (including 70-200 for 80-200 and 35, 50 and 85mm primes).

Has my composition improved due to gear?  No.  Still needs work.

Has my technical shot discipline improved?  Yes, the D800e shows user errors readily when pixel peeping, so it's forced me to use better support and higher shutter speeds.

Have the lenses given me sharper results?  Yes, without a doubt.   I can now shoot at wider apertures than before, because the new lenses are not soft wide open, which opens new shooting possibilities for me.

And I thought it was interesting that soon after I got my 70-200 and D800e, my wife commented that my Renaissance Faire pics that year looked better than ever.   She couldn't quite say why, but she thought the color depth was better.   She has quite the eye for color, so I think there must be some improvement there that really is visible (compared to D300 or D700).   The sharpness of the 70-200 is phenomenal, but that's not something a non-photographer really tends to notice much.

Overall though, my equipment upgrades are typical - new toys that I enjoy for the sake of using them, which do motivate me to shoot more, shoot a little differently, and remove or reduce a few remaining obstacles to shooting in adverse (lighting) conditions.

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