The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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this is why I now use D610 as backup to my D4 & passed on the DF

This forum loves to beat me up on my opinion of my experience. WHAT A WASTE OF A STELLAR SENSOR. The handling is very awkward and DF falls short and into the Novelty camera category. But what do I know, I only shoot daily with a D4 and D700, D610

The Clumsy ISO cluster Fu*k is a deal breaker alone...dont believe me?? Hes a quote from your beloved Thom Hogan on the DF :

ISO value. Nikon got this wrong. First, it's another locking dial, but with the unlock button being off to the side of the dial. That makes it a two-fingered operation. With my eye at the viewfinder the natural thing is to use my thumb to unlock the dial and my index finger to twirl it. When I do that, the knuckle of my thumb hits my glasses. Note that there's also no Auto position on the dial. So what happens if you set ISO 1600 on the dial and then turn on Auto ISO in the menu system and set a maximum sensitivity of 1000? You get one of those displays of what I call "you're an idiot messages": "The maximum value for auto ISO sensitivity will be set to the value selected for ISO sensitivity." This message is just wrong. Dead wrong.

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"if it ain't broke" Get a new one anyway!

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