Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

JimBim wrote:

Than you kikivrany. You did nice job.

I'm shooting in RAW nearly every time with my K20 and istDL and process it in LR. In this case my aim was to see how jpg comes directly from camera without my intervention.


Is this because you want to start shooting in jpeg? Since I always shoot in raw, I never give a camera's jpeg output a second thought. But as pointed out in this thread, the K3 shot is a little over exposed, and probably on the bright setting – two very simple adjustments. Why don't you go back and try your test again with those adjustments? I for one would enjoy seeing the results of Take 2.

As also pointed out, the test criteria favors FF cameras. If this is your typical shooting situation (inside @ ISO 1600+), then a FF may be your best choice. But I would also take a look at the K5II(s). And the most intelligent way to answer your question, since money does not seem to be an object, is to rent the cameras for a week (try and give them a thorough testing.

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