Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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The Music Still Matters..

My older brother, Rick, is an audiophile, of sorts. I have watched him go through all sorts of gear over the years. In the last several years, we have together observed an interesting phenomena when it comes to stereo headphones vs earbuds. Smaller, lighter, stick 'em in your ear. It got to the point where you could not go into anything but the finest of music stores and buy a traditional set of "headphones".

But, during that time, companies still made headphones. Big, Expensive, can hear the crack in the high-hat glorious headphones. They never went away. Professionals in studio environments still needed them. Audiophiles like my brother still wanted them. And now, they are "cool" again with kids shelling out $300 a pop just to have the cool guy's name on the side. (During the recent bowl game hype, I watched all of the players arrive at the stadium. As they got off the bus, the guys with full headphones vs the guys with earbuds was 5 or 6 to 1.)

I suspect that our gear is much the same. It will go through trends. There always be those who want small and light. There will always be those who want and need performance that you simply can not get from the small and light. And there will always be the cool guys willing to shell out big bucks for the big name.

I am not worried about obsolete..

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