whats up with my FZ200 images

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Re: What have I gone And Done???

sherman_levine wrote:

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In actual fact, my bad - it got a Gold award.

Can it be that bad then?

I can only speak for myself but I am quite happy with the performance and image quality of this camera. I understand there could be some lemons out there but I doubt that it is a very high percentage. I think that in most cases it comes down to learning it's strengths and weaknesses. Here is a shot of mine that I think shows the amount of detail it is capable of. It's not an exciting image but I took it because I was still testing the camera and it had the elements I was looking for. It was shot in Raw and processed in PS CS6.


Looks good. Is it possible to get close to that if shooting JPEG with optimal settings? (contrast, sharpness, NR, etc.)

At ISO 100-200 certainly. Try the ones I suggested to you in my earlier reply. OTOH, it's no harder to run with Raw these days than JPG. Just a bit more card space and (perhaps - I don't have data) slower burst speed.


Which Photo Style do you use? Standard or Natural? And btw, seems that it isn't possible to adjust contrast, sharpness, saturation and NR on LF1. Not exactly a step forward.

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