Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Is your photography better with FF?

Red G8R wrote:

Why all this anti FF on so many forums?

We all have different wants and I don't see why anyone should care what we buy. I don't expect to be a better photographer because of new gear. Do you expect to be a better driver with every new car you buy? As a hobby, everything is just for fun.

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Ontario, Canada

It's not anti-FF. It's not even anti-gear. If you don't have it buy it. If it allows you to do something do can't do otherwise, buy it. A couple of us are just saying be honest with yourself and evaluate your work and see where you stand to make the biggest gains. A snapshot with 12MP is still a snapshot in 36MP with greater shadow detail and less blown highlights.

Do you think golfers who shoots over 100 would be better served with lessons or chasing the latest and greatest club every season? I suppose it depends if you want to improve your game or just look the part.

I've alway been more impressed with people who can do more with less.

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