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Re: One month with the A7r

"Yes I am aware of his work. Any reason why you did not mention he also shoots with a Canon full frame system as well?"

You should buy Villa's book or go to a workshop. You would learn that the main body of his work is made by a Contax. The reason is clear is main camera is a Contax 645. The point being, in weddings the Sony A7 can be the main camera. He doesn't shoot digital Stu, any reason to call a 35mm film camera "Canon Full Frame System"?

"Do you always use that lens for the whole wedding or do you also use AF lenses on the camera as well? There is always going to be a delay between you focusing a MF lens and a fast AF system. That means there is always the potential to miss spontaneous shots whilst busy manually focusing."

I understand that for some MF might be confusing, but despite my 31 years i'm old school and started my career with film and Olympus OM's so I might be better at that specific technique. Digital only made my way back in 2005. But, it's a technique so there's no reason whatsoever to lose a spontaneous shot if you know your limits. Unless your trying to deliver a full movie of the weeding in stop motion there's no need to panic for every "spontaneous moment", concentrate on the family and specially the bride you should do alright.

In fact, I would say that any camera can be your main camera....if you like extremes.

You were trashing the A7 when you should trash a photographer knowledge to work has a profissional. A profissional works with the best tool for his job. And not all of us have the same needs.

"Well of course it is, I did not say otherwise. My point was having to run two different systems or running the risk of missing shots for your client."

That is a big mistake, you should have one system. I have the experience of running Nikon/Sony for a year side by side and it was a nightmare. That's why I sold my nikon d800e, two heavy body's that can't share lenses is going to ruin your work.

"I could say the same as the vast majority shoot Canon/Nikon with full AF systems and lenses that work fast and also well in low light"

And your point? It's not Canon or Nikon it's the photographer, that what I was saying in the first place. Who cares what you shoot, if your work isn't good. That's the point, no one should panic over a colleague using different tools, it works for him it might not work for you. I really don't understand your point, it's obvious the Sony A7 does the job if you want it, clearly you prefer other systems. And you should know that a decade ago the majority of wedding photographer were shooting Medium Format with manual focus lenses...

You seem a nice guy you don't need to make up things to make a point. The Sony A7 doesn't work for you, there's no reason at all why it shouldn't work for others.

Best Regards

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