Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

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Re: Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

I have my e-pl5 for a few days now and I am still reading the user's guide. (Was using an e-pl1.)

You don't have to press the +/- every time before using the dial. You can go to Customer Menu B to disable the dial lock (i.e. the pressing of +/- first).

And if you see a green AF frame border, the camera has already find and lock a focus successfully. Were you in C-AF & C-AF+TR? In such cases, the camera will continue to find a new focus even if we half-pressed the shutter.

Also, I set both Rls Priority S or Rls Priority C to On so that I can take a picture even if the camera could not lock its focus.

Not sure if I understand your description completely and my suggestions could be totally irrelevant!

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