Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

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Re: Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

I don't own an E-PL5, but, right after I got the E-M1 in November, I shot an evening 65th birthday party in a typical dimly-lit country club banquet hall, mostly with the Olympus 45mm and 12-60, and I was just amazed at how fast it locked focus. It was easily as fast as any DSLR (Canon, Pentax) I've owned has ever been, and the pictures turned out drop-dead gorgeous. I had zero prior experience with good Olympus glass, and it just left me speechless.

I had only just sold off all my DSLR equipment and bought the camera/lenses a day or two before the party and really didn't have much of a chance to do anything with it beforehand. Plus, I figured it would be more stealthy to enable the touch-focus, so mostly I just literally poked the LCD and the shutter fired instantly. I was an immediate convert. I had a few throw-aways for stupid facial expressions, but none for out-of-focus or blur. I had to goose it to ISO 3200 and up just to get a decent shutter speed, but the noise was easily manageable and the prints are wonderful.

I made a photo book in Aperture as a birthday gift, and my friend is still whipping it out and showing it off to everyone who comes in range.

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