Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

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Re: Do you own both an e-pl5 and an em1?

Without knowing how you've set things up, it's difficult to advise. That isn't how my EPL5 behaves. I can shoot either in the normal view, where the focus box is represented by a fine square cross-hair, or else when I press the magnifier my focus point becomes a green box and I can alter the size of it at will, and to suit whatever purpose I have at the time, as well as quickly moving the focus box as needed. In this mode, if I alter a setting or carry out another procedure, it will default back to the standard view (where as I mentioned the focus box is a very fine grey crosshair). This is the same on the EM5 (except you don't have the option to have a small focus box in the standard view). But none of this affects the camera's ability to focus quickly and accurately.

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