Choice between D3X and D800E

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Choice between D3X and D800E

I'm currently vexed at which body to choose..

A little background of me, so hopefully I could get some valuable advice from you guys in this forum. I typically shoot portraiture and fashion, really not much for landscape, unless I travel for vacation, but then I have lately acquired a Fuji X-E1 that can do the landscape job easily, I hope so.

I currently own a D3S and few FX lenses. Now I would like to add in another body to my gears, as I find the 12MP in D3S is a tad lacking at times when I do cropping (I don't usually crop, but only when really needed). Also looking for better color depth.

I have an opportunity to get either new D800E with battery grip or used D3X. My initial intention is to go for a new D800E cause newer sensor and technology, better color depth and dynamic range, etc.. And also lighter than D3X. Tested D800E on two occasions. One was a brand new (tested few months back) at one shop. The 2nd time was a used one from a seller. They have the same focus accuracy inconsistency. Due to the known issue, it leads me to consider used D3X.

The used D3X is around 600U$ cheaper than a new D800E with batt grip. Shutter count of the D3X is at 28,000. The owner (NPS member) has changed the shutter mechanism once and he just upgraded to D4 lately as he needs higher fps for his job assignments, so letting go this D3X baby. I tested it, so far it's working just fine, but I have not confirmed if I should buy it.

Will I lose out a lot of 'useful' benefits if I take the D3X over the D800E?(ignore the resolution as it's not an issue to me. 24MP seems good enough. High ISO shouldn't be critical to me, since I have D3S now)

Can someone advise the weight of D800E+battery grip?

Is there any considerable difference in color depth between D3X and D800E in the real world?

Unfortunately I have not been able to try D800E with battery grip, so not sure how is it compared with D3X in terms of ergonomics?

My budget cannot stretch further to get either a new or used D4, otherwise I may probably go for it straight without cracking my brain so much 

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