Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Is your photography better with FF?

JWReagan wrote:

Why does it matter if new gear makes you a better photographer? If I asked some musician friends if that new guitar or cymbal made them a better musician they would look at me like I'm crazy for asking such a stupid question. It works the same way, different tools for different jobs and sometimes just getting a new piece of gear inspires you to get out of a rut and try something new.

I don't understand this need to justify purchases with some sort of tangible improvement in images. What the hell is wrong with buying something because you wanted to?

Nothing is wrong with it.

The bottom line is that buying new gear generally doesn't make you a better photographer though.  I remember when I used to play guitar and if you surf HarmonyCentral and a bunch of other forums you'll find a lot of dudes that spend thousands on amps, guitars, and other crap and can't play worth a damn.  It always used to amaze me when people would rave about finding this or that tone with such-and-such piece of gear and when they would finally post a clip it would sound just as awful as the last piece of gear they purchased.

Again, there's nothing wrong with buying gear just for the sake of buying gear.  And yes, there is the occasional piece of gear that will truly inspire you.  However, if you already have halfway decent gear, upgrading to the latest D600, D800, or even moving from crop to full is NOT going to make you better nor your photos generally speaking.  The evidence is that there are folks who made truly spectacular and captivating images with MUCH LESS than what we have today.

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