The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Richard Murdey wrote:

In Japan, the Asahi Camera magazine come out last month with a special issue dedicated to the Df, called "The Philosophy of Nikon Df " (Nikon Df の哲学).

It's 132 pages of very glossy propaganda, presumably bankrolled by Nikon Corp. Photo spreads with all kinds of classic vintage lenses, interviews, and long sections delineating how all the control dials and style details trace back to classic Nikon film cameras. It was in that section that I noticed something that brought the reality home: in a two page essay talking about the design of the battery flap - I kid you not - there were about 6 comparison shots of the underside of various Nikon cameras showing the development over time. While shown to scale, the photo of the Df had been carefully cropped to remove the lens mount and rear LCD sections from the frame ... to avoid calling attention to the painfully obvious fact that the Df was almost comically fat in comparison to any of the film cameras it aped.

You mean this:

It's an 'Owner's Bible' (says so right there) not some special issue, and your link shows it as a book on sale through Amazon for 2100 Yen.

...facepalm moment...

It's a book for owners of the Df.

Your OP seems ridiculous since you don't seem to know what your complaining about.

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