whats up with my FZ200 images

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Re: whats up with my FZ200 images

Hi cmc1

In my experience, there is no question whatsoever that regarding OOC Jpegs, my FZ150 produces generally better and cleaner images than my FZ200.

To say the least, the FZ200 is a fiddle-fest of a camera that requires far more adjustments than the FZ150 ever will if users are to achieve image consistency with the newer model. Whilst my FZ150 runs smoothly, reliably and with relatively low noise, with noise reduction set at minus 2 and sharpening at default 0 in most every situation I encounter, I recommend you begin by setting the FZ200 at minus 2 noise reduction and sharpening to minus 1.

Despite what Graham Houghton and his followers may tell you, I’d have to say that adding anything by way of in-camera sharpening to FZ200 Jpegs is only going to exaggerate the appearance of noise across images churned out by an already noisy sensor. And there’s no doubt in my mind that FZ200 images are noisy – and alarming so in some cases!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know anything about Graham, but I get the impression from what I’ve read from his followers on here that he may have initially set up his FZ200 in the same way he did his FZ150, and then left it at that, perhaps because the conditions at the time suited those settings. He simply may have failed to note that playing around with in-camera parameters to better suit changing conditions might yield less noisy results. Or maybe Graham actually doesn’t mind noise, or perhaps he readily acknowledges that much depends on what type of subject one is shooting as to the degrees noise is visible. As I say, I don’t know Graham, and I certainly can’t speak for his tastes in digital photography. I will add, however, that anyone who gives his or time time freely in the way and to the extent Graham apparently does, deserves respect and some credit at the very least.

All I’ll reiterate is that for me, the way to bring the FZ200 OOC Jpeg output toward that of the FZ150 is to slightly reduce rather than add anything by way of sharpening to the 2012 model. And when it comes to I-RES, adding any of that will merely serve to give an over sharpened, mosaic-type appearance – especially when viewing images zoomed in and particularly in relation to fine fur and feather detail. Of course, in the likes of buildings, boats, trains and other subjects where the blocking/mosaic effect gets lost to varying degrees, the effects of I-RES become less noticeable, perhaps even to a point of pleasing some viewers who believe the manufacturer’s blurb that no loss of detail comes by way of using the gimmick. Yeah, right Panasonic! Some may believe you, but I ain’t amongst ‘em.

As for the shot in the OP, although I agree that the FZ200 doesn’t quite match the FZ150 for OOC Jpeg image quality, I’m not sure that an F8, ISO 400 example is the way to show it, because as others have rightly emphasised, neither setting could be classed as ideal for the scene.

Regards and Happy New Year

Stevie Boy

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