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Go bare

When I got my D3, I had been using the Nikon strap for a while. I found it fairly inconvenient, not to mention uncomfortable. I did use the method of reversing the camera when I put the strap over my neck so the lens pointed inward (generally downward) so the lens didn't stick out and bump into things. Occasionally I'd take the strap off from around my neck and wrap it around my wrist to make a wrist strap.

Using the strap on my wrist worked much of the time but it had a tendency to unwrap from my wrist when I was holding the camera. Putting a twist in it helped but then it was kind of restrictive and I couldn't get my fingers on all the buttons easily.

Tried an actual wrist strap. It was convenient in that I could just let go of the camera and it would dangle there, but it was inconvenient in that I couldn't use the portrait orientation controls and there were buttons I couldn't reach.

Also tried a couple other brands of straps. I never found one that was comfortable and allowed me the flexibility I thought I needed.

Finally just took all the straps off.

I now just hold the camera in my right hand. When I have the 70-200 on, I hold the camera by the mounting handle. I can do this all day, but occasionally my right hand gets a bit tired or I need that hand to do something (I'm not good at writing legibly with my left hand). At that time I just stick the lens into the crook of my left elbow.

I should point out that I don't use the camera in high risk environments, e.g. on the street. I use it at meetings, but they are fairly controlled environments without significant risk of someone trying to grab the camera.

Using this method I have never dropped the camera. The only time my camera has ever hit the ground was when I had it on a tripod and the wind blew it over. It fell onto the hood into soft dirt so there was no damage. I now try to ensure that when it's on a tripod, one of the tripod legs is in line with the lens. That way it will not fall with the lens straight down.

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