Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

In my understanding to compare different cameras the WB must be set manualy on the same setting and colour mode to neutral on all cameras.

awaldram wrote:

Talking just these images as shot


better white balance

closer (better reach)

lower DoF better subject isolation

Higher niose

heavier Nr

Lurid red channel from Jpg (think Pentax calibrator is colour blind )

besides better white balance the rest are either functions of the format or adjustable.

I see nothing in the image that would make you choose Canon or Nikon over K3 the opposite is true there are indications in the image that the k3 is more sophisticated than either other camera.

Of cause if your a FF wanna be and think it will make you a better photographer then irrelevant of brand that what you should do

knock yourself out in the FF myth but ensure you check out Sony offerings before leaping.

I would suggest you make a list of your 'needs' and choose based on that not some perceived variance that is more today with the jpg engine than cameras.

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