Have RF lenses had their day ?

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Re: Have RF lenses had their day ?

harold1968 wrote:

Leica lenses, as Karbe admitted in a recent interview, follow the same design pattern they always did. This is an uncorrected rear element structure, where correction was not required due to the thickness of film emulsion.

this has meant that the digital Leica's have to have an extreme combination of angled micro lenses and software fringing correction.

With a fully corrected rear element, as Sony aptly demonstrated in the RX1, corner issues can be eliminated for a flat sensor.

although the A7(r) does have a combination of software and micro lens adjustment(in the case of the A7R) it seems that correctly designed lenses, like the 55mm, deliver spectacular results.

it greatly surprised me to see the Sony Zeiss 55mm easily eclipsing the Leica 50mm Summilux in all aspects:


Leica don't see the Summilux as their top 50 anymore, the more expensive noctilux has a larger aperture and the more expensive summicron is a no expense spared optical masterpiece, so the fact that the lux is getting beaten is not a surprise.

What is a surprise is the quality of the examples in that article, I've nit got one to try on my A7r but my Zeiss Planar ZM 50mm is in a whole different league than their examples (and I bought on price, the Leica 50s outperformed it on my testing but started at double the cost).

Also the performance of the Otis 55. Not only does this indicate that the modern "digitally designed" lenses are superior, that Zeiss appears to leading he pack of current lens design.

I've yet to see a head to head against the latest Summicron but the other thing to bear in mind is that the M lenses are designed to be pocketable - I'd love to see a Leica S equivalent to the Otus.

given the cost of Leica lenses, the nasty field curvature seems not worth it, especially with FF digital cameras.

i understand people with collections, and seeing the clarity of these lenses with smaller sensors, like the OM-D , Nex and Fuji series, but I am struggling why I should keep my 50mm Summilux asph ?

Don't then free up the cash and get something that will make you happier!  My choice was the Planar and it got me out of the chasing Mac aperture kindest I was in a few years ago.

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