Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: Please help me to stay with Pentax!

JimBim wrote:

I’m comming to conclusion to upgrade my gear. Since 1997 I’m with Pentax. This time I decided to look to other land, specifically C, N. I see by testing those cameras inside dealer shop, that pictures from D610 and 6D are better compare to K3. What is your oppinion - might be I’m doing something wrong? Or this is because C and N are FF. Might be lens? All shoots are at ISO1600, AWB, F2.8; lens 50mm F1.4. I cropped C and N pictures to fit Pentax sensor size. No PP, jpg output, hands held, luminescent lighting.

I know that some of you complemented Pentax system with N or C. Can you share your experience? I’m really trying to find arguments to stay with Pentax!

That's your comparison ? How much do you shoot at ISO 1600 ?

I have to say there's not much difference between the pictures, the Pentax looks to have its JPEG contrast set higher, and have the option to leave tungsten light slightly warm in AWB selected. My hunch is if you optimized the JPG settings they'd look even closer.

If you're weighing up which of 3 very capable cameras to buy, go for the one which feels best and most natural when you come to shoot with it. Suppose the Canon produces very slightly better images; I can't get on with Canon controls, so if I bought one it would stay on the shelf rather than go out shooting.  The best camera is the one you go and shoot with . You also need to take into account the cost of changing lenses and accessories if you switch systems.

If you like using the Canon or Nikon more and the cost of changing systems isn't prohibitive, CHANGE.  No one will hate you, no need to feel guilty. If you like using the Pentax more, stay. Don't expect other people to make your decision,

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