What should Nikon really make?

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What should Nikon really make?

2013 has been an weird year. Not even one Canon or Nikon got an price in the voting polls. And Nikon didn't even make it to 2nd place. So what could Nikon make to get back on top next year.

  1. D800s/D700s
  2. TG1 (The Good One)
  3. D400


The is loved for it's 36mp sensor. The dynamic range and resolution was unheard of on 35mm. That large sensor did have it's toll on the D800 speed. The framerate is an meager 4 FPS.

This is not about replacing the D800. It's about giving Nikon users an different option at the same price. In my perfect world it would have the D610 sensor and shutter in an D800 body. While borrowing the AF system of the D4. This would become something very similar to the 5D mkIII. Not better as the D800 but nimbler and faster


The Nikon 1 series haven't recieved a lot of love. Mostly becouse people say the sensor is too small. Sony on the other hand has proven that a 1 inch sensor can provide excellent results when done right.

Nikon has Sony sensors before. So take the AF system of the Aptina and implement on the RX100mkII sensor. The other reason why the Sony is so much better is the lens. An F3.5-5.6 lens is just too slow for this sensor size. An F2.8-4 at an 3 times zoom should easily be obtainable. That would mean lower ISO's and that leads to less Noise. And there is The Good One


Well This has been an highly anticipated long awaited product. The D300 dates back to 2007 and the D300s was only an small update. So it has been over 6 years since Nikon made an Pro apsc Dslr. Considering the D7100 is already pretty impressive in most area's it shouldn't be too hard to actually make this.

Take the guts out of the D7100. Put that in an magnesium body, add an much bigger frame buffer and install an upgraded shutter. Something above 8 FPS would be really nice.

Which is your favourite for 2014

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D800s/D700s(24mp D800 with an even better AF system)
23.3% 7  votes
TG1 (Nikon one with faster kit lens f2.8-4 and 20mp Sony sensor)
23.3% 7  votes
D400(Bigger frame buffer better build D7100)
53.3% 16  votes
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