The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: You must have known...

sgoldswo wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

You must have known that you'll get mightily flamed for saying this.

You're allowed to make minor criticisms of the Df, provided you say that on balance it's a great camera, and the world has been waiting for Nikon to bring us such a great camera and take us back to "Real Photography" as it should be. But to make fundamental criticisms of the UI is unacceptable.

You have to remember the Good Old Days factor. The Good Old Days, when Men were Men, and things were, well, just better. Always around 25-30 years ago. TV was great, the sun always shone, beer tasted better, and cameras were designed as God meant them to be designed.

Now, let's have no criticism of the Df from an obviously techno-freak point of view!

PS - my gear list tells you what camera I use, and I'm not about to change.

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I came to older film cameras after using "regular DSLRs". I'm in my 30s. I prefer the older control paradigm and ergonomics of such cameras to modern DSLRs. When the Df was announced I was down on it because it wasn't small or retro enough! I wanted something the size of a FM3a. However, I was won over looking at the abilities of the sensor. Now, having bought it, I do prefer the controls and ergonomics of the Df to my D800E.

I've been using SLRs since the Pentax S1a, and no, I don't miss the old mechanical controls. They were designed that way not because it was ergonomic but because of the limitations of designing mechanical controls. Designers of digital controls have much greater flexibility, and can build on years more experience. They often don't get it right, but I certainly feel no nostalgia for older technology-limited control design.

I don't think anyone sensible is claiming people aren't allowed to be critical, but some of the criticism borders on the ludicrous. Ming Thein was particularly guilty of this, it sounded like if he used the Df for a minute longer his hands would have to be amputated or they would spontaneously combust.

I'm not criticising anyone's choice of camera, but I'm with Thom Hogan on this: I think the Df is overpriced and over-hyped. However, there has been terrific resentment (by some) of any criticism of the Df. People are perfectly entitled to like retro styling, but "retro" doesn't necessarily equate to "good" in any objective sense. Bubonic plague and slavery are "retro" but not good. In the case of the Df, it's a matter of preference.

People are equally entitled to be critical of my choice: the D800 (many are).

To paint everyone who likes the Df as being the same as a particular member who posts frequently is just ridiculous.

I don't.

We Df owners are all different and some of us genuinely think the camera is great.

And the very best of luck with the Df! It's undoubtedly a good camera, no matter whether I (or anyone else) consider it expensive for what it is, and don't like the control arrangement.

I just wish (some) people wouldn't get so defensive about it.

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