Nice reply to a professional magazine wanting free photos

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Re: Nice reply to a professional magazine wanting free photos

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A great answer to major magazine asking for free "professional high resolution" photographs but they say the poor little rich company cannot pay anything for them.

It's a a rather silly response. Best to just say not interested and move on.

The majority of her response is aimed at other photographers urging them to value their work and not work for free, esp when someone comes to you, someone that is going to make money from your work. Towards the end of the article she provides some good advice for avenues to pursue if you do want to exchange work for exposure. I do a lot of work for free, almost all of it for charity and the rest I do because I feel there's something I can gain from the experience.

If we want corporate culture to value photography again we have to stand up for it and stop giving it away.

What that magazine is doing also existed during the film era. The lady responding may have good intentions but she is, I think, underestimating the intelligence of the people you say she is trying to address.

Sadly, there will be people who respond to such spam (that is what it is. They probably send out thousands of such emails. You don't even need to view the photographers' websites. If the website is properly metatagged, it will come up in a search database, and then a narrower search for a particular type of photo can be done. Yes, they can do a search for "smiling baby image" if they have the right software, and never actually see the photo they cite in the email).

Professionals of all genres report dealing with attempts at free usage. I even know of a fine art photographer who reported being approached by businesses offering "free display space" for his photos. If he would let them use his photos, they would include his contact information on the frame. Would they be selling his photos? Oh no, they would only be for display and "Free advertising" for the photographer. He declined.

Kirk Tuck has posted about this phenomenon on his blog several times.

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