still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: You have not yet experienced the true size advantage of m43.

Paul De Bra wrote:

Sure, coming from a 5D-size camera and lenses the GH3 must feel small, but m43 can go much smaller in both camera and lenses and then you would really see the benefit of the format.

My last film slr was the Olympus OM-G, in the late eighties and used throughout the nineties (although not that much), mostly just with the 50mm f/1.8. My first DSLR was the Canon Digital Rebel (aka 300D) in 2004 and it just felt huge. I could never really get used to the size. Moving to m43 with the E-M5 was like coming home back to smaller size without giving up image quality.

The E-M1 lost some of that small size appeal and it's an Olympus so not that familiar to you. Maybe you should have a look at the GX7? You should definitely try something to better take advantage of the small size of m43.

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thanks Paul. I find the GH3 in the goldilocks zone for size. It is way way smaller than the 5D kit, but I find going much smaller too many compromises in feel and usability. I have the G5 and had the G3 so have used smaller m43 and don't find them as effortless - you actually forget you're holding the GH3 it is just so intuitive and useable. Truth is I don't really see the benefit of going much smaller in body size. The serious size advantage for m43 is in the lenses - the pany 2.8 zooms are a good example. Using the same m43 lenses even going to a smaller body is only going to get me 100 gms or so weight saving to my entire bag of kit…hardly worth it. Until a body get's small enough to be pocketable I see no real benefit over the the GH3 and for that I have the RX100.

The GH3 (and pany zooms) already ticks all the boxes for me in terms of size weight advantage and has all those functional extra's lacking in my 5D3. The only thing I'm occasionally missing is the IQ of the 5D3 and that action tracking… on that I really need to read the manual better, I had thought I could only reduce the Auto Preview time not turn it off… I just realised that if I scrolled further down on the relevant GH3 menu option there is an "off"… i just ran off a few sprays and there is a slight lag, but it should be ok for my purposes so another issue bites the dust

Actually I also missed another m43 plus. Focus accuracy… it's easy to forget just how good m43 is and how it has none of the regular focus missing and need for MFA of various lens copies that bedevil some of my FF kit (particularly those otherwise excellent fast SIgmas).

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