Panasonic GM1 compared to NEX-5R. Should I consider switch?

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Panasonic GM1 compared to NEX-5R. Should I consider switch?

New Panasonic Lumix GM1 seems very interesting. I am thinking if I should switch from NEX to GM1...

I have Sony NEX-5R with SEL 35mm f1.8 and SEL 18-200LE. 35mm is what I normally use. However, I would like something more wide and better for close-ups. Zeiss 24 mm would be ideal, except the price and size. Small size is important to me: I want to take camera with me for my business trips here in Europe. These are usually short trips, 1-2 days. I need to travel light with hand baggage only. During business trips I am able to take photos only in evenings. So good low light performance is a must.

Because Zeiss 24mm is so expensive, I was thinking other options. Then I noticed GM1. I am most interested in GM1 kit having both 12-32 and 20mm + handgrip. How would the image quality be compared to my NEX, I suppose no big difference? Is GM1 with 20mm on par with NEX-5R+SEL35F18 in low light?

Size. I haven't been able to see GM1 live yet. But based on what I have read and seen on web, camera bodies don't have huge difference in size. But GM1 will be a lot smaller lens attached. Is this correct?

Battery. I really like the usb-charging with my NEX. I can charge the camera with my mobile phone charger. But if I have understood, this isn't possible with GM1. I would need to carry external charger. And if I use GM1's extra handgrip, I need to remove that always to be able to access battery. This sounds complicated. I hope I misunderstood something here...

Wifi. Both NEX-5R and GM1 have wifi, so I can transfer photos to iPad while travelling. I suppose this works same way for both cameras?

Would it make sense to switch from NEX to GM1? Or would I be better just buying Zeiss 24mm (and selling my 35mm). I think also Sony RX-100 mk2 would be an option for me (but I suppose my NEX provides much better image quality).

I would like to hear if someone has used both NEX-5R and GM1 and list important differencies between those. Thanks

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