NEX 7 vs A7

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Re: NEX 7 vs A7

mike geier wrote:

it does for me. Maybe the next A whatever will be better, but for now the NEX 7 remains my go to camera, and I'm $2000 to the good

Translation. "I don't have any real money for the A7, because I am too heavily invested to my old E Mount system and lens. Now I am going to buy the A7 and return it right away, so I can post it on the forum and make myself feel better even though I can't provide any evidence for my claim. Best of all it cost me nothing."

Every review out there already proof you otherwise. For starter I don't recall as many reviewer rave about the NEX 7 as it does for the A7. Instead of being jealous, you should be glad that Sony just created something that makes some people consider dropping their Canon or Nikon for it.

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