still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: I Suggest You Try the OM-D E-M1

pannyics wrote:

I think you should try the E-M1. With the newer sensor, you should get about a stop better in noise performance, and the detail should be great since they took away the the AA filter. Also, there's a thread discussing something about E-M1 having better sharpness because Olympus lowered the RAW noise reduction (can't seem to find it now). Also there is a thread saying that someone has tested and said that the E-M1 has better tracking than DSLRs (also couldn't find that), and the EVF does not lag or freeze at all.

I agree that the OP should try the EM1 if he can. He should also try any other option he thinks worth the effort.

I have been buying from the same pro dealer for 40+ years so I get the luxury of being able to try things at home for a day. I settled on the Lumix G6 because for the money to be spent the IQ value was appropriately in line. If the EM1 had better noise control than the G6 or Gh2 (same sensor) I failed to see it. Of course I do my tests with real subjects under real conditions. I abhor test charts and setups because that is not what I shoot. For me photography is in not an academic, technical pursuit. It is both an income and way of expressing myself. If the image is good, it is good regardless of technicalities.  Look ay  the surviving 11 frames that Robert Capa shot on D-day: blurry with subject motion and flat lighting. Still  they are great photographs. Look at the work of US Civil War Photographers: grainy, flat, an PRICELESS.

Photography is not about technique only. I could find a thousands of technically perfect photos on the Internet, but I would prefer to find one that engaged me intellectually. I prefer content and do not care about digital signal noise.

Richard Weisgrau

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