still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: I Suggest You Try the OM-D E-M1

"Also there is a thread saying that someone has tested and said that the E-M1 has better tracking than DSLRs (also couldn't find that), and the EVF does not lag or freeze at all."

I use the EM-1 having come from Canon (7D, 5Dmk2) via EM-5 and whilst I don't agree that it is better at tracking moving objects than the canon's (the 7D still I believe being one of the best for this) it is perfectly usable for BIF and high speed sport - for me at least

As to the shutter black-out,, the way I have it set I find it no different than that seen from mirror flap in my OVF on the above mentioned canons

The key settings are, High refresh rate in the EVF, Eye switch off, instant image review off (this was the setting that bugged me the most until I found it, as with it on the camera was unusable for tracking birds or other fast moving subjects) and in bright light, set Live View Boost ON (it controls the EVF as well) In this way I find that the EVF behaves in a very similar way (for me) to the OVF on my canons (I have had Nikon and canon shooters borrow my camera set this way and all have been surprised (some amazed) at how well they found they could use it for BIF

Just spotted the comment re IQ and I agree, there is very little difference here between EM-5, GH3,or EM-1 its the EVF and CDAF + PDAF focus with m4/3rd lenses that make the difference. On this, I have read that, for some reason I don't know, the Panny 100-300 is not so good as the 75-300 on the ME series bodies, no experience of this though (the 35-100 is superb on the EM-1)

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