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Re: I Suggest You Try the OM-D E-M1

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I've been using both m43 and full frame systems for over two years now … I had hoped by now to have made up my mind to go one way or the other, but I feel a bit like those folk who emigrate to another country, decide to move back home and end up feeling just a little dissatisfied in both countries. I also recognise this is only a "problem" because I am so lucky/blessed to have such options, but I did wonder whether any others out there have had or are having similar mental tussles over what's the right system for them.

I first dipped my toes into the m43 world via a G3, later a G5 and more recently the GH3 and the top quality pany zooms, and I am using this m43 kit almost exclusively now but I still can't seem to cut the cord with my Canon 5Dmk3 (and earlier versions) and L glass despite these spending months at a time sitting bagged up and unused.

Now for many, especially anyone making a living from photography, I can see having two systems makes sense as each has unique strengths… for me though I'm just an enthusiast, I can afford it, but I just don't take enough photographs to warrant such expensive gear languishing.

The GH3 is a true joy to use, fits the hand perfectly and is wonderfully configurable via physical controls alone. Having recently returned from Nepal where I only took the GH3, I thought I'd finally reached a point that I was content to let go of the full frame gear. I started processing through the several thousand images I'd taken and while I have some (I think) good shots, I couldn't help but notice the greater incidence of noise even at base ISO compared to similar shots I took with my canon gear (then a mk2) on my last visit to Nepal a couple of years ago. Noise in skies in particular I've found more than a little annoying even at iso200. Fine detail too I felt was perhaps just not quite as crisp as with the 5d2 and 3.

Then I hit the beach (I'm in Australia) over New Year and was keen to get some action shots of my son learning to surf. I don't do a lot of action stuff and this is probably the only prolonged bit I've done with m43 kit… while the high speed shutter and tracking is up to the task, the freezing of the image in the EVF is a killer (Not sure there's a work around for this?)…

So with the above in mind I got nostalgic for my 5d3 and dragged it out along with my 70-200/2.8 mk2 IS for a bit of a play expecting to be over-whelmed with feelings along the lines of "now this is a real photographers kit"…. well it didn't quite work out that way. Sure it would have been a better choice for those action surf shots (assuming I wanted to drag it down the beach), and sure it gives me creamy skies at ISO as high as 800, and maybe the fine detail is a tad crisper, but, but, but...

  • it feels like I could beat whales to death with it (not a hobby of mine, just an observation)
  • my back hurts again
  • the grip is too big and too square for my hand
  • where are all my function buttons and twin dials that do everything without looking at a menu ever
  • where is my live histogram in the EVF for immediate exposure compensation
  • where is my articulating screen
  • where is my built in fill flash

In short, what the hell was I thinking! Now the 5D3 is back in its bag in the dark of the walk-in robe… still can't quite bring myself to sell it (not even sure why, maybe it's an innate love for big chunky shiny things) but it's now clear that there are just too many ergonomic and functional advantages to the GH3 over the 5D3 that I would ever be happy with the Canon gear alone again no matter how much better the IQ is (and, really, it's just not that much better).

So after that brief flutter I'm back with the GH3 in hand and guess it will remain my primary if not sole kit for the fore-seeable future… until next year when I no doubt will go through the whole cycle again

I think you should try the E-M1. With the newer sensor, you should get about a stop better in noise performance, and the detail should be great since they took away the the AA filter. Also, there's a thread discussing something about E-M1 having better sharpness because Olympus lowered the RAW noise reduction (can't seem to find it now). Also there is a thread saying that someone has tested and said that the E-M1 has better tracking than DSLRs (also couldn't find that), and the EVF does not lag or freeze at all.

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thanks. I did consider the EM1, though I'm not sure I've seen or heard of any credible evidence that the Em1 has materially better IQ than the GH3. All the reviews I've seen suggest the EM1 is much the same as the EM5 and I know it's pretty much a wash between the EM5 and the GH3 (most likely the same SOny sensor used) so I expect nothing worth changing for there. The EM1 does lack a couple of things I find important - fully articulate screen and built in fill flash. More importantly I found it just didn't fit my hand the way the GH3 did (I found the grip too narrow). If it did allow high speed shutter without freezing (not really freezing I guess just displaying the last image taken) the EVF that would be of interest so I might take another look at some point.

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