SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

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Re: SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

This is all good advice. Normally I would say never use an ISO above 800 or maybe 1600 if you want the "best qaulity" but I just took a 12,800 ISO picture that will be perfectly servicable for email/web. It really depends on what IQ you are looking for, so try out the high ISO, if it meets your needs it will make your life a lot easier.

Regarding "The default shutter speed at the wide end in A or P mode is 1/60th" and the camera choosing F4 instead of F3.5.   I'm not really seeing that. The camera is still new to me but I'm getting slow shutter speeds such as 1/10s and regularly getting F3.5 in the auto modes. That's partly why I think Av is a useless mode for really low light. The camera is just going to open up the lens all the way so go with "S" and play with the speed until you get a sharp picture without motion blur. 
Regarding focus, I recommend the AF assist lamp but one thing you should be aware of (that is not intuitive) is that enabling the AF assist lamp disables the setting of "Autofocus Area", so even if you have "Mutli Focus" set  with the lamp on "AF operates with priority in and around the center area"  (handbook, bottom of page 68).,

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