still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

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Re: still torn between m43 and Full Frame systems

I can understand your ambivalence. As a pro I began working with Nikon in 1965 and I still have Nikon gear today, but not for too much longer. My Nikon D700 bodies and the lenses produce very  high IQ with minimal noise at high ISO. Put into one bag they could serve as an anchor for a small yacht. I recently bought some Lumix gear (G6 and lenses). The size and weight differential is remarkable when compared to the Nikon gear. I semi-retired in Jan. 2013. I used to do about 30 sports assignments a year. That was the first type of work I dropped. I just did not wan to lug all that gear up and down the sidelines of a 3 hour football game any more. Same for soccer, lacrosse, and other field sports.

I also shot a lot of real estate with the Nikon gear. That is work I still do along with some work for regional  and out of town media. After extensive testing, I recently used the G6 gear on a couple of jobs. It worked out well. The clients had no complaints. That's my critical test. The G6 passed it.

There is no way that the G6 is going to produce results as good as the D700 when it comes to noise, but that does not bother me. The noise is not problematic. I do not pixel peep so I never see it exaggerated. I accept noise the same way I accepted grain when I shot film. It's there. So what. I never has an work rejected because of grain. That is also true when it comes to noise, and I have been sooting all digital since 2000 and all digital since 2002. The cameras in those early days were noisier than my G6, and no one ever mentioned it.

My 72 birthday is just 4 months away, and all those joints you wear being a professional photographer  ache when I am loaded down with my nikon gear. They ache less when I carry my Lumix gear. So, the Nikon gear is going. Much of it is gone already and the rest will go soon.

I have what I call my 'grab and go' kit. A bag with enough gear to take on any job. The bag is  (12x7x6 inches) and fully loaded as in the photos below weighs a bit over 5 pounds. A comparable Nikon setup would weigh about double that and need a bag twice the size. I am a happy Lumix camper.  The photos follow.

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