whats up with my FZ200 images

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Re: whats up with my FZ200 images

I try not to butt in on FZ200 IQ issues, as I travel all over the world with a pocket camera.

Several people have answered your problem "Spot On".

With the tiny sensor, and consequently tiny focal lengths, at the WIDE end particularly "24/25mm equivalent" the focal length is such that DOF is basically nothing to concern yourself with.

At least at wide angle, shoot "Wide Open". I note, above, that someone says your lens is sharpest at ƒ3.2 - OK. I don't have an FZ200 so I'll accept that, although I'd like to hear where this info comes from. I'd be inclined to shoot wide open, as I do with my TZ/ZS cameras.

SO ƒ3.2, in "A" Aperture mode. Do it. That ensures that diffraction is minimized (ƒ2.8 would minimize it more, but I'll stick with what a - presumably "FZ200 person" says.

With my ZS19 (& now since I broke the 19, my ZS25) I shoot at ƒ3.3 (as wide as it opens) almost ALWAYS - unless I see a really good reason to shoot at a smaller ƒ-stop. ISO 100 unless it's really DARK.

Dim, cloudy day, ISO 100 HANDHELD - shooting wide you need not worry - the camera's O.I.S is all you need:

in this shot you see ƒ5.6 - but it is zoomed out to 12.5mm, and is still "wide open" at - the ƒ-stop is a ratio, not a measurement.

For scenes such as yours, shoot lowest possible ISO. Wides aperture - which ensures that the shutter speed is as high as possible, and o NOT worry about DOF - it's amazingly large - in the case of your photo, the fountain in the center is a fine 'focal point'.

I believe you also have contrast, noise level and such adjustments - listen to the advise of FZ200 people for this, but do NOT stop down in wide angle shots.You did not need a "steady platform & self-timer" for this shot. The OIS is just fine at 1/80th second- and down to 1/20th or less handheld unless you are shaking a lot.

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