Downloading Photoshop CC to aMac and PC

Started Jan 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
graybalanced Veteran Member • Posts: 6,245
Re: Downloading Photoshop CC to aMac and PC

StephenL wrote:

Assuming you're subscribed to a Creative Cloud program, then you are allowed to have two iterations of each application, and they can be on both platforms.

And this actually makes those licensing terms more flexible than they were with the CS6 and previous licenses, because the perpetual licenses only let you activate two computers on the same platform. CC lets you activate two computers on a Mac or PC.

I've played around with it a bit. You can install the CC apps on as many machines as you like, and you can attempt to activate them on machine after machine. After two machines are activated, it will start asking you if it can deactivate older installations and then you can continue. It's pretty flexible and doesn't stop you from getting work done.

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