Is your photography better with FF?

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No, but it has made life easier

kelvin2345 wrote:

I am not a big fan of Thom Hogan, but I think his recent post is very interesting.

Thom is challenging whether the new photo gear that we purchased last Christmas has made us any better photographer.

My main purchase of recent years was the D800E. It essentially got me back to the aesthetics of shooting medium and large format, but with a lot less hassle, and a lot more flexibility. There are shots that can be done with the D800E that couldn't be done with a 4x5 film camera, and difficult with medium format. There are places I can lug the D800E that I couldn't manage with larger gear.

My Saturnalia toy was a $200 motorized tripod head that works with the already purchased CamRanger. What has it done for my photography? Well, I'm still experimenting with it, and waiting for the software to mature, but it has renewed my interest in panorama shooting—especially with long lenses. For video it will provide smooth pans (when used with the included hand controller) and is much cheaper than a good fluid head.

When/if the CamRanger software matures it should do automated multi-row panos. Now it just automates single-row panos. At this time you have to manually return it to staring position, change the altitude and do another pano.

CamRanger released a new version of the iPad app today that fixes some of the problems I was having earlier. Now you can use exposure times longer than 1/30 sec. without getting blurred images.

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