Question for RX 100 owners

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Re: Question for RX 100 owners

Price is really the reason I just bought an S110 and not a RX100. I agree the RX100 is a better camera, but at what price? The open-box new (UPC label removed) white model S110 was $160 shipped for me. A used RX100 would probably have been near $500. That made the matter simple at this time.

I'm upgrading a G10 (which I'm keeping for the moment), so sensor size is the same, but DIGIC 5 should be quite a bit better. Plus I get 24mm f/2 for when I  need it, vs. 28mm f/2.8. ISO noise should be reduced by a stop or two. Should be useful over the G10.

I also have multiple DSLRs, so the appeal of the RX100 is lessened (but not removed!). If the price ever comes down significantly, I'll probably get one as well -- certainly prefer it to M4/3 cameras (need to sell mine!).

Good luck with your decision.

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