Landscape lens for NEX3

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Re: Landscape lens for NEX3

Wordsmith9091 wrote:

Well the Sigma 19mm, though a very nice lens, isn't going to be any wider than your 18-55.

There's the Sony 16mm pancake, though most people here have been unimpressed by it. You can get the Sony Ultrawide extender to bring it down to 12mm, which is nice and wide, but again, the quality is going to be awfully meh.

The Sony 20mm, which works as well with the UW extender, is a decent choice, from what I've seen on these forums, though I haven't tried them myself. Together, they get you down to 15mm. But the cost is a bit more.

Some people have paired the Sigma 19mm with a Panasonic ultrawide converter -- it works, but not very well, according to the various forum posts. Again, haven't tried it myself. I just ordered a Sigma 19mm, so I'm still hoping someone finds a good UW extender option for it.

There's a couple of 8mm fisheyes marketed as either Rokinon or Samyang, depending on where you look. I've seen several posts from people who get great results using the Hemi plugin for PS or Lightroom to correct the fisheye distortion, still maintaining very strong picture quality. And then, of course, you can just use it as an intended, as a fisheye, and get some awfully interesting pictures. It's manual focus only, but stopped down just a bit, you've got pretty much the full range from shortly in front of you out to infinity in focus anyway.

Did anyone compare the 19mm + adapter vs 20mm + adapter?

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