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Re: Lead solder banned, leading to shorter shelf life.

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

Newkidhere wrote:

So each time I click in Digital SLR, I am actually decreasing the shelf life of camera ??

You are decreasing the life, not the shelf life. No different from a film camera but people tend to take more shots with a digital because it doesn't cost anything.

The European Union banned the use of lead in solder, and the camera companies complied, and I've read that this will decrease the shelf life of cameras, leading to a greater incidence of "solder bloom," where solder oxidizes and increases in volume, which may damage electronics.

We might not be able to expect decades of life from cameras anymore.

This is correct - solder bloom and tin whiskers will cause many electronic failures.  Of course there is gold bonding, but that would mean price increases.

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