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Re: So maybe this is a lousy image, too

Sol Invictus wrote:

Mel Snyder wrote:

An NEX-6 is capable of making serious images, but in my book, it's just a fun camera.

Would you care to elaborate?


What I mean is, a NEX-6 has a great sensor, a great EVF, an easy range of menu options, and the ability to utilize about any hunk of glass except perhaps the bottom of a Coke bottle as a lens.

But to meet size and price limitations, it lacks some features most serious digital camera owners would want.

It lacks twin SD slots, so one cannot have the option of protecting one's shoots with a mirroring or storage of jpegs on one card, and RAW on the other (e.g. the D7000).

It lacks a serious audio system for video, like even a D7000. You cannot plug in an external mic except for one Sony model, and that audio has AGC, which pumps to pick up room tone when a speaker or musician pauses.

As continually complained here, it lacks a comprehensive line of fast native lenses - and for good reason: That's not the market Sony targeted with it.

It has no weather sealing. Just as a small Cessna 170 without IFR capabilities is a fun fair-weather aircraft, the NEX-6 is a fun, fair-weather camera.

Now, it's possible to sail a 19' O'Day Daysailer from New York to Plymouth, England, or to fly a Cessna 170 from New York to Los Angeles. And it is possible to get shots as good or better than a Nikon D4 or Canon 6D using a NEX-6. But it's not likely to be the camera of choice for many challenging settings.

It's a fun camera. I love it. Lots of people do. One can make serious images with it, if you accept its strengths and limitations.

I do.

Enlarged to 16x24 on my wall, along with this one, same size:

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