Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: Fairly simple for me...

zackiedawg wrote:

I personally see no competition between the two lines at all - to me, they are different entities for different purposes...and I like that Sony is covering both markets. I like it enough to own one of each myself - a NEX body alongside an Alpha DSLR. I'll likely continue with this pairing - the DSLR will likely lean towards APS-C, to continue use of my Alpha lenses and with aim to maintain longer battery life, faster focus, faster bursts, bigger buffers, in-body stabilization, and the larger, beefier bodies with more controls...and the mirrorless catering more towards more compactness and light weight - it has been APS-C so far, but I'd consider full frame as well.

For professionals, or consumers with the resources and/or photography dedication to purchase both, they may not compete with each other.

For consumers who only invest in a single system -- They certainly compete with each other.  It's not as if the cameras are so different, that there is ever a situation where only 1 or the other will do.  The A7 may not be as fast as the A77 for action photography, but it isn't useless for action.  And the smaller size of the E-mount does certainly make it nicer to travel with, but it's not like nobody travels with a regular dSLR.

If, like many consumers, you are only looking to pick one system, there is clearly competition.  Go with the smaller compact size, but with fewer and more expensive native lenses... Or go with a larger size, more diverse native lens selection...

I think there is a reason Sony has been quiet on the A-mount front, until apparently next year.  And it appears they have pulled the A-mount off big box retail shelves (was never prevalent before, but now totally absent).  Sony knows the mounts can compete with each other, so they want to allow Holiday 2013 to be about the new E-mounts.  Once the excitement for the new E-mounts starts to die down, they will introduce new A-mounts.

Great post, thanks!!

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