Deciding between NEX-6, Olympus E-M1, and Fujifilm X-E2

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Deciding between NEX-6, Olympus E-M1, and Fujifilm X-E2

Hello Everyone!

I've been going back-and-forth for a longtime on weather or not I was going to get a smaller sized camera for my photography or not. I currently have a Nikon D7100 + 16-85mm lens. I use it mostly for landscape shots and just for when I travel around a little bit. I really, really love my Nikon however, it's not something that I always have with me due to it's size. It's just not something thats handy to go with me if I just step out to go do some running around town or if me and the girlfriend go some place. I just don't want something big and bulky and people staring at me for having. Consequently, I frequently find my self in situations where I wish I had a camera with me at the time to catch a photo op that I otherwise miss out on unless I decide to use my iPhone 5.

After thinking it over for a few months, I've decided that I'm definietly going to need a smaller camera. However, I can go several different ways with this. My first option was to sell off my Nikon D7100 and lens and instead invest into either the Fujifilm X-E2 or the Olympus E-M1. However, I have some issues with these two cameras.

The Fujifilm is a brand that I'm really not familiar with and it seems that there's only a handful of lenses and they are all pretty expensive. However, people state that the controls and color rendering are impressive while AF leaves something to be desired.

The Olympus E-M1 is the other option I can go with if I sell off my Nikon. From what others have said, the amount of controls on the E-M1 are unparalleled and many users also have FF DSLR's and claim that the image quality of th E-M1 is unbelievable. That and it's 5-axis stabilization, amazing EVF, and other capabilities make it a serious contender. However, nobody can seem to recommend the E-M1 without getting the 12-40mm Pro with it otherwise they seem to think it's not worth getting the camera...which makes it a $2400 investment into a system that I again have no experience with and it's still a M4/3 that price I could buy the Sony A7 and lens kit combo and save a few hundred bucks.

My final option, however, is to keep my D7100 and lens combo and instead, buy myself the Sony NEX-6 to carry around. Now a lot of people, from what I read, don't like the NEX system because of it's so-called limited lens selection. However, it seems to me that while the slection of lenses from Sony could be increased, I'm fine witht he current line up. And I've also been pouring over images on Flickr and it also seems to me that although many people rave about the Olympus E-M1 and Fujifilm X-E2, the Sony NEX 6/7 ultimately provide MUCH better phtographs in terms of IQ and Color Rendition.

Sorry for my very long winded post, but my question is this. Is it worth dumping my Nikon gear to get the Olympus E-M1 or Fujifilm X-E2? or am I better off keeping the D7100 and just picking up a Sony NEX 6 on the side with some lenses here and there?

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