Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ (SEL-1650) - Review / Test Report

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Re: They say it's lousy at 16mm:

DLeeT wrote:

Sol Invictus wrote:

DLeeT wrote:

Lousy maybe compared to another kit lens like the 1855. You'll never know unless you've got some comparisson shots. I did make the test and although the difference between the two was marginal, I will keep the SEL1855 not only for it's IQ but also for it's ergonomics. Working below 18mm is taken care of by my SEL1018.

Nice shot btw, still not a 16MP one.

"Still not a 16MP..." I don't understand; it was taken with a NEX-6.

It isn't a full sized image you posted, and f/13 diffraction limit puts your actual resolution around 5.6 MP anyway. I.e. any lens looks about alike at f/13, and with the diffraction limit the picture wouldn't have looked any different on say one of the old Sony 6 MP sensors in the early DSLR cameras.

Short point being the image doesn't show the lens's potential or lack thereof. All that really matters is if the lens performs how you need it to.

My point with that lens is it is a 6-10 MP lens, not a 10-20 MP lens.  Nothing wrong with that.


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