DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

I hear you Peter.. and do agree that the all-in-one nature of LR is its most appealing features... however, its keywording leaves something to be desired - especially for the non-event amateur family photographer.  Here's an example: I can take between 200-400 photos a day while on vacation.. these are photos all over the place and of many different things - family members, plants, flowers, bird, buildings, scenary, etc...   In Idimager, keywording was a pleasure - open a dedicated keyword panel, choose amongst favorites and away we go... in LR - it just seems.... forced.  The little keyword panel tucked in amongst all the other clutter, the difficulty in creating a new hierarchical keyword, the inabiliity to assign synonyms.

A major hole is the inability to assign geo locations to keywords (extra step!) - that is such a HUGE timesaver in Idimager... if I assign "HOME" to 300 photos - the geo location is auto assigned... same for vacation spots.

The speed has made major strides in Supreme.... what used to be slow is now super fast.

the only thing that keeps me in LR is the fact that all my edits/keywords are in one place.... truly, that is a huge time saver that off sets some of these other issues.

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