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Re: Canon image quality/rendering

canonagain123 wrote:

I'm not a "fan" of any brand, but I found it interesting how at very first when I made the decision to switch to Canon (going FF), I looked up pictures with different lenses, to help me choose lenses, I found the way Canon renders an image a little unpleasant, but after a while I couldn't take my eyes off some pictures. I just love the way Canon renders images (I had forgotten how much I love it!) and I'm glad to be doing my shooting with a Canon again. It's just a different way of rendering from Nikon, Pentax and other brands (Nikon has great IQ but I don't like how Nikon renders images most of the time) and I absolutely love it. I found it interesting how at first it seemed to disagree with me, because the brand I'm switching over from renders images in a totally different (also pleasant, but different) way. Interesting how it's possible to get so used to the way my own camera renders images that it makes the way other cameras render images less pleasant. Anyone else experienced this?

Started with Canon and began using both brands about three years ago. For me, other than Nikon rendering shadows more naturally (not as dark as Canon for a similar exposure), I can make images from both camera look very close.

Quite frankly, Nikon cameras have more photographer-friendly features, small and large, than Canon cameras - starting with Nikon not abandoning their legacy lenses. The next biggie (for me) is Nikon's willingness to drop the AA filter. The D800E's resolution doesn't hurt their cause either. Nikon was putting pro-level AF in their prosumer cameras years before Canon was willing to. These don't scratch the surface really.

However, for me, it's all about the lenses. Each brand has some very special lenses the other can't compete with (and no, I've had my fill of adapters).

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