Is it worth going from 60D to 70D if I don't do video?

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I have both the 60D and the 70D, but didn't have the decision problem you have since I specifically upgraded for the video.  That was worth it, hands down.

So, about all I can offer you is this:

I have noticed a marked improvement in focus accuracy over my 60D, which was pretty darn good by itself.  I have the 85mm F1.8, which wide open has a very thin DOF.  It was always my most picky lens for that reason, since I used it wide open most of the time. (the main reason for having it)  The 70D hits focus much more often than the 60D did.  I'd say 95% of the time vs 75% of the time before.  Of course, some of that could be me, but probably not.

Also, the focus tracking of the 70D is so much better than the 60D, at least in my experience.  But then for me, that shows mostly with video use.

Oh, and all the reviews of the 18-135 STM are right.  That is one nice lens.  It pretty much lives on the 70D.  The only time I take it off is when I know I won't be shooting video.

Bottom line, really, is if it wasn't for the video I probably wouldn't have bothered upgrading.  I don't upgrade each model, usually skipping a generation or two.  (10D to 40D to 60D to 70D)

Of course, that doesn't get you a shiny new toy


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