Carmel, CA 2013 - Food photography

Started Dec 26, 2013 | Photos thread
Weegee Senior Member • Posts: 1,684
Snapshots, no more no less

By looking at these, I feel that you are simply showing us what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If that's what you're after, they work OK. If you want praise for the composition and lighting, you'll have to do better. Check out the real pros and try to copy them.

I know I'm going to get some nasty rebuttals on my reply because there are some people who are just too sensitive and caring and can't stand to see criticism in print. To those people I could care less. You learn a lot more from your mistakes than when people tell you that everything is hunky dory!

Incidentally, I've seen some really good photos come out of your camera ( or head?).

Take care, and practice.

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