Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ (SEL-1650) - Review / Test Report

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Re: Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ (SEL-1650) - Review / Test Report

Interesting test, thanks for posting the examples.  Both lenses perform similarly on the main subject, the trunk in the centre, with perhaps the 18-55 being slightly sharper.

The difference in sharpness of the background trees on either side is so marked that it looks like either a different aperture was used (which it wasn't) or there was a small difference of focus distance, with the 18-55 focussing slightly behind the main subject and the 16-50 slightly in front, with the central trunk remaining within the depth of field of both.  Unfortunately there are no closer trees to confirm this.

Whatever, it looks like you have an excellent 18-55 and an only average 16-50.  My original 18-55 is quite decentered at the long end with a soft upper right part of the frame (at 18mm, it's the upper left which is soft).  I've only had my 16-50 for a week, but a brief "brick wall" and a distant scenery check both showed good sharpness, wide open, across the whole frame at 50mm.  I don't do tests like this all the time, just like to know where I stand with a new lens.

I'm lucky to apparently have a very good example of the 16-50, perhaps it's payback for the crappy examples of the original kit lenses I received!

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