Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

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Re: Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

Newkidhere wrote:

Thank you Chris

Yes I do own Digital cameras point and shoot and use photoshop for pan and zoom.

Photoshop for pan and zoom? I don't understand, I must be missing something.

I am computer professional. I am just wary of switching to digital as costs are really prohibitive and worried about my rough handling as I broke 4 SLRs already..

Digital costs are prohibitive? I don't understand. I saved a fortune in film, processing and printing costs when I switched to digital. Unless you take very few photos, on the long run digital is much cheaper, especially since it provides you the flexibility to take as many photos as you want, with no incremental costs, assuming you have a large enough memory card.

I wasn't aware until now that quality of digital pictures have surpassed 35 mm Film.

Yup, as other posters have noted

So many features and products and brands are coming up every day and it is evolving so fast. The thing is when I decide to buy digital, I would be with that camera for at least 10-12 years ..

This I don't understand at all. Yes, the technology is evolving so quickly you cannot talk about planning horizons of 10-12 years. Yes, you might find a camera to last that long but I doubt that you would be happy with it long before then, given what else will be on the market. And if you want to hold on to it for a long time because of cost, if you are taking any reasonable amount of photos in film, that would cost you a lot more.

Is that realistic expectation ?

Not remotely.

Otherwise I would be forced to stick to Film though it is so expensive to develop ..

This does not make any sense. Yes film is expensive, that is why people switch to digital. The initial outlay is more than compensated by savings in film purchases and processing.

I have 5 mp scanner from Kaiser which is doing bit awful job but ok to send pictures around..

If you have a digital point and shoot, almost any of those will produce much better digital photos for sharing than a scan from a Kaiser. Why are you not using your point and shoot? Since you say you have photoshop, check out your digital point and shoot photos and compare them to your Kaiser scans. Unless your point and shoot is really really old, even it should be superior to your Kaiser scans.

Any ideas to help me advise on direction of my thinking so that I can make a good decision.

Go to a large physical photography store and check out as many different cameras as you can to get a sense of what might suit your requirements physically and then check functions and specs and prices.

Thanks a lot

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