Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

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Re: Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

Thank you Chris and Every one ..I really appreciate your help and time.

Now that I have decided not to buy any $100 on used Film SLR and add some more to get new or used DSLR.. based on my requirements on what I do, considering next 10 years please can you suggest me appropriate Camera and Lens or a list to choose from. I would be very happy as that will help me decide.


"Considering the next 10 years"

Yikes! Digital technology is moving far too fast, with innovations thought impossible only a few years ago, that basing a decision on a 10 year outlook is impossible. Remember, a digital camera is actually a computer with specialized I/O capabilities. Better to think about if you can make use of a particular camera for 3 years.

My best digital camera is a Nikon D700. While it still works just as well as it did when I bought it (2+ years ago) it lacks capabilities that even modern point&shoot cameras now have. Film cameras on the other hand represent a fully matured technology. Changes to the cameras or even film itself are refinements, and not all new technologies.

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