Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Photography: a bit, postprocessing: a lot, results: so much better

Joerg V wrote:

To those who has bought new gears last Christmas - is your photography better?

I got a D800 one year ago (not exactly a christmas gift but well) and my *results* are sooo much better. Before I have been using a Sigma DP1 for years and was cleary camera limited (the DP1 is a great camera and converted me from a spray-and-pray snapshooter into an ambitious amateur. No other camera (and that includes the D800) taught me so much about photography!).

The combination of a camera that is able to capture a mind-boggling dynamic range and the switch from Sigma Photo Pro to Lightroom changed a lot. (Oh yes and it captures insane amounts of detail... has a great auto focus and a pony! I am probably only using 20% of its functionality. Gee!)

Coming from a 1.7 crop camera with a (great!) 28mm prime I am still struggling with the narrower depth of field of the D800 + 50mm. Getting the focus right is a challenge with 36MP.

Is my photography better? The last year added some experience, so yes probably a bit (as it would have increased with any gear that has a trigger and outputs an image).

Are my postprocessing skills better? Yes, a lot! Sigma Photo Pro is a rudimentary raw developer, it does its job but no more about it. With Lightroom almost every picture receives local optimizations, gradient filters and so on...

Are the results better? Yes yes and again yes.

This image (taken two days ago) would not be possible with my previous gear. It would have looked somewhat similar but never ever that rich and silky.

Sweet image. In this case the bigger the better.

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